eVoucher Product Launch Campaign

eVoucher Product Launch Campaign

Client and underlying conditions
myWorld 360 AG developed and rolled-out a product launch campaign for the new eVoucher. The target market was 25+ countries in which myWorld is active. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness of the eVoucher and to encourage myWorld members to purchase the eVoucher.

myWorld 360 created a campaign to launch myWorld's latest product. eVouchers are digital vouchers that can be purchased in the myWorld App and then redeemed straight away. myWorld's Shopping benefits, Cashback and Shopping Points, are credited to the member as soon as they purchase the eVoucher instead of upon redemption.

The Campaign
myWorld 360 was tasked with designing and running the complete marketing concept. The marketing concept was broken down into the following stages: 1. Analysis of the situation. 2. Marketing objectives. 3. Marketing strategy. 4. Marketing measures. 5. Cost controlling. The campaign took place between May and September 2018.

The situation analysis revealed that there were no other online vouchers available at the time of the launch that promised immediate cashback and shopping points as shopping benefits. Based on this initial finding, the team defined their marketing objectives. These objectives were used to identify four target groups for the campaign. The goal was to make sure that the unique benefits were the main focus of the advertising campaign. This resulted in the slogan: "Shopping with eVouchers – Pay and benefit within seconds". The graphics team also created a logo with a high recognition factor. They also designed visuals for social media, newsletters and websites to help advertise the eVoucher. Other measures to support the campaign included push notifications, a YouTube video, Point of Sale material and a separate landing page. The material was translated for all of myWorld's 47 markets and then made available to all of the national Regional Offices. myWorld 360' impressive infrastructure ensured that all measures could be rolled on time in all of the relevant markets.

The campaign was concluded with a success assessment and report to the client. Ongoing monitoring enabled us to respond to any problems quickly and find improvements where necessary.

myWorld 360 successfully designed and rolled out a full international advertising campaign for the eVoucher within a short space of time. For the product launch, the company came up with an extensive package of measures for a wide variety of channels, making sure that all of the material featured a consistent design. Would you like to find out more about myWorld and the eVoucher? Click here!

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