Healthy staff as a factor of succes

Healthy staff as a factor of success

Healthy living is a key issue at myWorld 360 as it has positive, quantifiable results for the company. It improves motivation and job satisfaction among staff, while also helping to reduce absences due to ill health.

Following the motto of "Fit for work, fit for life!" the myWorld in Motion initiative offers seasonal activities for our staff. Its main aim is to introduce people to new sports, but also gives staff the chance to get to know one another. This summer saw staff trying their hand at a number of new sports including street workouts, bouldering, running techniques and yoga. Many of our employees are also keen runners and are often seen taking part in various events in and around Graz Whether they're competing alone or in teams, myWorld 360 is delighted with every kilometre they achieve. Our in-house doctor, Dr Hörmann, is on hand to help staff with any health-related questions. He also holds talks on various topics in an effort to appeal to employees' interests and improve their quality of life.

Our in-house canteen, which supplies meals for the two locations in Graz and those in Feldbach, make sure they use seasonal produce, preparing two daily menus that rotate every three weeks. To add a sweet touch to our employees' day-to-day work, we decided to introduce smoothie day. Once a week, staff can order freshly prepared drinks straight from the manufacturer. Smoothies contain important vitamins and minerals. They are ideal for any taste as they can combine a healthy mix of fruit, dairy products or juices – it's all down to the drinker. Anything goes! There is no quicker or more delicious way to get your daily vitamins and it perfectly reflects our motto: fit for work, fit for life!

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