We care about sustainability

We care about sustainability

Here at myWorld 360, we have a strong understanding of social responsibility, which is why we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. Since 2012, our staff has had access to electric bikes and scooters to make short journeys around Graz. After our positive experience with electric bikes and scooters, we also added a number of electric vehicles to our fleet at the beginning of the year, taking us another step forward towards full electric mobility. Two new Renault ZOE R90s have joined our electric fleet. The nippy little electric cars feature the Greenfinity Foundation design, whose environmental projects we work hard to support.

Climate protection is by far the most important reason to get behind electric cars. We want to do something good for our planet and for the people on it, which is why we have invested in CO2-neutral electric cars. We also want to reduce urban noise levels and make traffic more efficient and environmentally friendly. We hope that life for the residents of Graz will be better and more sustainable as a result.

Range and reliability are two important factors when picking an electric car. myWorld 360 has several offices in Graz and the surrounding area. Linking up these offices was one of the main reasons we decided to purchase the new vehicles. Our staff regularly travel back and forth for meetings and other events. To keep their carbon footprints as low as possible, electric cars seemed like the sensible option. With a range of up to 300 kilometres in the summer, they have enough battery charge to cover our colleagues' business trips. Specially installed charging stations at our offices make sure they always have enough power.

By using electric cars, we also benefit from free parking in both the blue and green zones in Graz. What's more, our fuel costs and harmful emissions are practically zero. We also have access to all public charging stations.

Our experience with the electric cars has been very positive. We are also eager to launch and support new electric mobility projects in future.

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